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> Your calls are NEVER transferred to a call center outside the US.

Professional Communication Services provides industry leading Virtual Management services.

Our trained professionals seamlessly integrate with your business to provide the utmost in customer service response.

Professional Communication Services Benefits:

  • We provide the best quality service.
  • We meet the specific and specialized requests.
  • We use our expertise and technology to solve your problems.
  • We serve as an extension of the office or company.
  • We provide well-trained, courteous and accurate representatives for all our clients.

Services Available for Virtual Management:

  • Live Agent Answer – Provides professional image with accurate data collection. Allows spontaneous interaction and ability to answer caller questions or redirect to the appropriate person.
  • Live Agent Answer with Voice Mail Revert – Non-urgent messages can be redirected to voice mail for office staff to retrieve at their convenience and at a significant cost savings.
  • Live Answer with Web Interface – Live agent can access your web site and input appropriate information per your instructions.
  • Voice Mail – For non-urgent messages which may be retrieved when convenient for staff. Actually hear caller’s own words and at a significant cost savings.
  • Voice Recording – All conversations with a live agent are recorded and kept for 90 days. They are available to check data accuracy, service issues and training.
  • Archived Messages – Messages are stored in computer for one year. Available for legal or service issues.
  • Accurate Customized Messages – Able to collect any requested information from callers specific to client’s needs.
  • Statistics/Reports – Various reports regarding calls and messages available and customized on request.
  • Automated Answer – Allows caller to hear your message and follow your instructions for further action.
  • Automated Answer with Voice Mail Revert – Allows caller to hear your message and select from various voice mail choices for where to leave their response. Messages can be retrieved when convenient or at specified intervals with specific individuals assigned to retrieve from specific mail boxes.

Call us today for more information at 1-800-616-3394 or use our online contact form. We look forward to helping you with your business needs.

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